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[UPCOMING DRAMA] You Are My Glory ♥ Yang Yang and Dilraba

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Posted (edited)


English name: You Are My Glory (not official)

Original name: 你是我的荣耀

Episodes: 27

Airs: 2021

Network: Tencent Video

Director: Wang Zhi

Screenwriter: Gu Man

Genre: Romance


Qiao Jingjing and Yu Tu were high school classmates. Qiao Jingjing confessed to Yu Tu twice, but was rejected both times. Ten years later, Qiao Jingjing becomes a top celebrity. She wants to become the endorser of a video game, but was exposed that her gaming skills are super bad. In order to save her reputation, her manager enters her into a video game competition. By chance, she meets Yu Tu, who is now an aerospace engineer and currently feeling lost about his career. Under Qiao Jingjing's set-up, Yu Tu becomes her gaming coach. They slowly fall in love over time.

~From the same writer of Love O2O, Boss & Me and My Sunshine

~Directed by Le Coup de Foudre and We Are All Alone director

Confirmed cast:

Yang Yang as Yu Tu


Dilraba as Qiao Jing Jing


Rumored cast:

Cheng Xiao


Jing Fu as Xia Qing


Official accounts:

Douyin - 电视剧你是我的荣耀

Weibo - soon


Edited by geez

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Yang Yang went to CAST this week



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First posters with leads!

It's supposed to be Yu Tu looking at Jing Jing's banner in reference to his description of her being "you can see her everywhere". Cute 🥺




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Yang Yang and Dilireba where seen recording it hand in hand  🥺



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