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event [Poh!kémon trainers exclusive] The Arena Badges as limited items in the Member Shop!

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Hello Poh!kémon trainers!

Last week your team worked hard to gain Arena Badges that will help you go through the Elite Battles.
As a little reward, the Events Team added those badges in the Member Shop of Onehallyu!

These exclusive items can only be bought by users part of the team that won the badge!
They will also be removed from the shop at the end of the Poh!kémon Summer Camp Event, so if you want them, get them before it's too late~


Can be bought by ShangriLa trainers:

Dark_Badge_125.png.6374f6e28271a058e7f9c Psychic_Badge_125.png.912fea7d7768578aad


Can be bought by Alpacamon trainers:

Freedom_Badge_125.png.7233f1c895ac7382ab Psychic_Badge_125.png.912fea7d7768578aad


Can be bought by Leopunch trainers:

Iceberg_Badge_125.png.28e73691a9cf530d15 Psychic_Badge_125.png.912fea7d7768578aad



If you are part of a team but do not have the stamp (thinking about staff members), you won't be able to buy them.
Please @ me here so I send it to you~


Now get ready for the Elite Battles!

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aaah the flying one


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