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WM joint concert - OhMyGirl doesn't have much more to offer to the company

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The company WM is having a joint concert with B1A4, Ohmygirl and ONF.

Anyone who knows anything about Kpop can quickly figure out that OMG is being used to promote ONF, who showed some promise in the Road to Kingdom show but is not exactly in the top echelon.


I will write something about joint concerts in another day, but in a business sense, OhMyGirl's late success will not really help WM too much since there are only 1 2/3 years remaining in the contract.

WM is a small company. Its owner means well, although WM is known for many injuries.

Its focus is in ONF. For WM's perspective, it is important to do anything it can in order to promote ONF,  its next cash cow, for the next 4 years.



OhMyGirl had six albums which did not go anywhere, before it scored its first hit Secret Garden. Unfortunately, that occurred during the heyday of the Melon cheaters, and a cheater called Jandukchul blocked  OMG's progress at the Melon #1.

That was 2018. If OMG had hit the jackpot then, its course would have changed significantly from now. It would have knocked out GFriend, which is still hanging on a thread (more on that in another day), and would have been counted along with Blackpink, Red Velvet, Twice and MNet acts.

However, that chance was lost because of the cheaters, and it took two more years and four more albums to put OMG to the top tier.

Unfortunately, OMG's contract runs out in early 2022. In almost all re-signings, all the existing debts are reset and the singers get greater cut, and companies make little money in the second round of contract.

The companies were able to do that because usually there is a newer act which would be earning money , and having a famous group in its roster facilitates better trainees joining the company and increases the chance of a hit group the next time.

But, it is unlikely that WM will be able to launch a new girl group in the future.

Traditionally, when the re-signing is in stake, because it is not clear that the contracts will be extended, companies tend to do little for an act until that issue is cleared. No need to spend money on an act which will disband soon.

OhMyGirl only has 1 2/3 years to make more money for the company. Its late success is no comfort for the company, since that will only make the re-signing more difficult. In a re-signing, the members will have more edge, leaving little for the company to profit, and it might actually lead the owner of WM to end the group instead. B1A4 has effectively ended, as its two more popular members have left for greener pastures, and only Sandeul is doing anything out of it now.

DSP, which runs April, appears to be taking a smarter approach. Although April could rise higher if more efforts could be pushed on it, DSP's owner is limiting investment on that act, and actually focuses more on the career of its one notable member Lee Naeun. DSP is perfectly content to leave April where it is, making whatever money it can, and maybe re-sign them for a lower price and extend it for a few more years since its members tend to be a bit younger. That approach makes more business sense, actually; Rainbow never really it it big but was profitable, and it only disbanded because the members were older and wanted to do other things.

It is cold, but business is business. The companies run music acts to make money, and if they can't make money, there is no need to run an act.

OhMyGirl has effectively 1 3/4 years to make for the company. In a world where a concert is hard to do.


I think that the 7 year contract system , established after the JYJ fiasco, will be changed because it has taken longer to make an act rise, but more on that in another day.

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