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thanks for hosting rei  @Haruchi now you can relax lol

congrats clay ig

I'm gonna need to listen to a lot of emo music to recover from this game


It's puzzle time! Solve this puzzle and be the first to post a screenshot of it solved! Be sure to take a screenshot with the name and number of pieces showing at the bottom as well as the congratulations message, so I can confirm you didn't cheat.



ends xx:43
Good luck!

2 minutes ago, Haruchi said:

Do I have to


hwaiting haru

do it for wonyoung 😭

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2 minutes ago, Trashie said:

Not rei bringing back the winwin thread 

people are traumatized give them a break 

girl i didnt even remember djkgfdf

Next round is GROUP ROUND 2

Starts xx:56

Just now, satoori said:

who turn was it?

it was clay's i mentioned in the post before it 😮

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  • Koya changed the title to [POH!KÉMON] PokéDUEL! Done
  • Koya unpinned this topic

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