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About the N word in songs

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On 7/30/2020 at 6:15 PM, the boyz kingdom said:

From my knowledge a lot of fans esp white hip hop fans from what i can tell fill it in with another word like maybe..


oh interesting



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On 7/30/2020 at 10:32 PM, MelanatedBeauty said:

I'm just legitimately confused as to why do yall wanna say it so bad? Is ya great great ancestor slave master fester's gene finally coming out of hibernation?

Like I seriously am so confused as to why yall are so hard up on saying that word so bad lol... why is it soooo hard for ya'll to just not say it or fill it in with another word? Explain that to me..

yall write essays upon essays on why you should be allowed to say it.. FOR WHY?! lol why do ya'll want to say it SO BAD lol.. yall baffle me.. everyone who are against yall saying it are the ones in the wrong correct? yall some fucking weirdos but I been knew..

One thing I notice is if it's any other culture saying yo.. we don't want ya'll doing this or that this is ours.. yall are fine with it but woo chillay let it be black culture and yall go in the paint hard as to why black people dont own shit and don't run shit and ain't never gonna tell yall shit.. yall really be telling on yourselves and you don't even realize it lol..

I don't feel the need to say it at all, but isn't it that you should give a resonable reason to why people can't do this or that? I kinda understand why using the N word in conversation shouldn't be a thing, but when you put it into a song, even if it's targeted to black people, it doesn't seem to make sense to jump on non-black people for singing the word

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