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Fighting Trainers

Leo are you alive?

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Y'all starting to make me worry... Like I see @Clay , and sometimes sister @satoori

Popping sometimes in games, and Thank to Clay we got a whole new game to look forwards to tomorrow ❤️

This gif was supposed to be a joke.. please don't take it literally


Y'all got the cutest pokemon... but we can't see it on the forum cause you guys never there !!! I want to chat with Leo's too!

A sign of life please ? As a VERY NICE Shangrila I am worried for my brothers the Leos... Yall better do a 180' reverse and win the whole thing and make it iconic




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2 minutes ago, satoori said:


YESS this is the energy we need!


Are you gonna call backup to the rest of your team? Don't break your back with all this carrying

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8 minutes ago, satoori said:

@Bel. the sturggles..TT

welp, at least some of them are leaving reactions!


Yeah they'll support you from afar


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