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OH! CHART HALF 2020 | Results are Out! Find Out if You Won, Step Right Up!

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Hi hi hi guys! OH! Press brings to you our own OH! Chart TOP 40 with the most successful songs of the first half of the year. From digital darlings to record breaking new additions, all of these K-Pop releases were quite impactful not only on the whole Pop-verse but on our own OneHallyu lives as well~ Make sure to check out and see how well your faves did!


But wait! There's more!

WJSN | Wiki | K-Pop Amino

The results of our own OH! Chart Event are out~

The rules were simple: the one who guesses the most number of artists in the right place wins. To recapitulate, the prizes are:

1st Place: 10 Million Won + A physical album from the OH! Chart TOP 20 songs of the first half of the year

2nd Place: 3 Million Won

3rd: 2 Million Won OR 1 Million Won for each in case of a tie

And the winners are... 

3rd Place:


Tie between @Shinki and @Trashie 
Both got 1 right song in the right place + 2 right songs but in wrong places

2nd Place:


You got 1 right song in the right place + 3 right songs but in wrong places

1st Place:


@Zack Morris 

You got 1 right song in the right place and 4 right songs but in wrong places! Pls PM @Mogwai for ur prize~


Congrats and a huge thanks for all the peeps who participated!

wjsn cheng xiao gif | Tumblr

Missed the event and wanna check out how it was? Please click here

Wanna know more about the chart? Check these links;
What is OH! Chart? | OH! Chart June Results | OH! Chart Archives



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Congrats everyone! Thanks to all who participated, many of you guys were almost there. 

#1 place, I’ll be awaiting your PM to discuss your prize! Everyone else, I’ll be sure to send your wons over within 24 hours. 

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Congratulations to all of us!!!

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2 hours ago, snoopyzen said:

ooo thank you! congrats to 1st and 3rd place :lovestruck:

Hello, second place winner!! Another sponsor @Sakura_Harano has stepped up, so you will also be getting an album of your choice from the top 20.

Please PM me to redeem your prize! :chartmander:

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