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Fighting Trainers
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The Fighting Team Poh!kédex & Bag!

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Hello Fighting trainer! Welcome to your team poh!kédex.
On this thread, you will find all the poh!kémons you and your teammates caught during the event and which type they are.

The different types are:
bug.png.2adf09a520522798bdd337870c056ef3.png dark.png.8d15d89f284292aef30cbc9eb7e29c57.png dragon.png.6426b2b758224ee89a15f2f7d111cf28.png electric.png.89db6a2b152f2dd8a60285b48ad3de5e.png fairy.png.510064ebb7ea7b2d29d64d347081b820.png fighting.png.933383dc0dfc21b57bae008ef92a1e0d.png
fire.png.a643900f60ab7acc7c8371844fad0435.png flying.png.de39893794708956c8a1a958b6df6342.png ghost.png.bca5e737f77b0b184495dabb22011098.png grass.png.ad1ee45273e9fcb5d30e1375d95d22fc.png ground.png.110fdcf6d4701a472a5185c33a3be30f.png ice.png.5b1fc0ee0934c1a7568a3bfcf5018912.png
normal.png.d2850e8308d0f7181a9c596f66d2863e.png poison.png.32c603067a9189306f10ebf69cf4d652.png psychic.png.c7417a2c6b97dfa8383821663a370660.png rock.png.dde1b726e36d6711f54fd0c79bca407d.png steel.png.279ef9198aec5653dc576924fc3ae84e.png water.png.e1980c6325ceac6baa203649d62dc259.png


leopunch.png.a3072f1ca666e3393dfd8345d5709df6.png - LeoPunch, fighting.png.933383dc0dfc21b57bae008ef92a1e0d.png || 063MS.png - Abra, psychic.png.c7417a2c6b97dfa8383821663a370660.png || 147MS.png - Dratini, dragon.png.6426b2b758224ee89a15f2f7d111cf28.png
027MS.png - Sandshrew, ground.png ||225MS.png - Delibird, ice.png || 459MS.png - Snover, ice.png
299MS.png - Nosepass, rock.png || 039MS.png- Jigglypuff, fairy.png.510064ebb7ea7b2d29d64d347081b820.png || 470MS.png - Leafeon, grass.png.ad1ee45273e9fcb5d30e1375d95d22fc.png
133MS.png - Eevee, normal.png.d2850e8308d0f7181a9c596f66d2863e.png || 013MS.png - Weedle, bug.png ||029MS.png - Nidoran♀, poison.png
215MS.png - Sneasel, dark.png.8d15d89f284292aef30cbc9eb7e29c57.png || 084MS.png - Doduo flying.png || 052MS.png- Meowth  normal.png
163MS.png - Hoothoot flying.png ||200MS.png - Misdreavus, ghost.png.bca5e737f77b0b184495dabb22011098.png || 035MS.png- Clefairy, fairy.png.510064ebb7ea7b2d29d64d347081b820.png
023MS.png- Ekans, poison.png


035MS.png- Clefairy, fairy.png.510064ebb7ea7b2d29d64d347081b820.png ||299MS.png - Nosepass, rock.png ||459MS.png - Snover, ice.png
215MS.png - Sneasel, dark.png.8d15d89f284292aef30cbc9eb7e29c57.png ||039MS.png- Jigglypuff, fairy.png.510064ebb7ea7b2d29d64d347081b820.png ||225MS.png - Delibird, ice.png


In this bag you will find the different items you earned through the missions and games.
These items will be a precious help during the league battles, so make sure to collect them now!

courage-candy-xl.png.c2ab07e217d844cf7dca78408833b119.png- 0/5 - Courage Candy: Give it to a poh!kémon before battle. If it gets below 5 HP, the candy will restore 10 HP.

tough-candy-xl.png.08417cd4cc82b2708ea847c9ac06db6f.png- 0/5 - Tough Candy: Give it to a poh!kémon before battle. If they get below 20 HP, their defense will increase.

potion.png.ad7aea4e90991075ea4eb6d11e3fb6ae.png2/5 - Potion: Restores 10 HP when used.

super-potion.png.83f5fc1204fef32189a23e2b7b6af8c1.png1/5 - Super Potion: Restores 20 HP when used.

hyper-potion.png.0b986f30326de7603f980f4a670999f5.png1/5 - Hyper Potion: Restores 30 HP when used


Psychic Badge 50px-Psychic_Badge.png: This badge reinforce the mental strength of your pokémons that are strong against Psychic Types. They will lose *0,5 HP instead of *0.8 HP during the Elite Battle against the Psychic Elite. The badge loses its effects on Pokémons that have less than 50 HP.

Ice Badge 50px-Iceberg_Badge.png: This badge freezes the HPs of your Pokemons to prevent them from being K.O. against the Ice Elite during the Elite Battle. If they happen to lose all their HPs, they will stay stuck at 1 HP until the end of the battle.

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