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The Ghost Team Poh!kédex & Bag!

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- Making a team -


Steal (2) 
- flying, ice, psychic

436MS.png- Bronzor, steel.png.279ef9198aec5653dc576924fc3ae84e.png || 599MS.png - Klink, steel.png.279ef9198aec5653dc576924fc3ae84e.png ||

Dark (1)
- Dark, Psyhic

570MS.png- Zorua, dark.png.8d15d89f284292aef30cbc9eb7e29c57.png ||

Fairy (1)
- Dark

700MS.png- Sylveon, fairy.png.510064ebb7ea7b2d29d64d347081b820.png  

Electric (1)
- Flying

135MS.png - Jolteon, electric.png.89db6a2b152f2dd8a60285b48ad3de5e.png ||

Fire (1) 
- Ice

004MS.png- Charmander, fire.png ||


thoughts? Balanced the amount of Resistance for each elites. psychic = 3 , Flying = 3, Ice = 3, Dark = 2 (can't make it 3)

we only have 1 dark, would have put two otherwise.

Edited by Bel.
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