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[Weibo-Go] Yamy unveils her boss’s abuse through a recording, “(She’s) super ugly, okay? Very ugly! It’s a fact!”

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1. [+68k] Overboard... no basic respect towards a female

2. [+60k] Those who diss females through their looks are trash 

3. [+36k] I can’t believe a boss can be like this? She makes money for you! 

4. [+27k] Get lost! Who gave him the rights to judge a girl’s appearance? 

5. [+23k] A workplace PUA

(T/N: PUA = pickup artist; loosely refers to people who emotionally abuse others to control them) 

6. [+16k] This man kept asking if she’s pretty????? It’s funny to attack a girl’s looks?

7. [+10k] She’s so pitiful... I’m sure she was stressed in the first place...

8. [+6427] Humiliating a girl in public... it’s like those elementary school teacher who make fun of a child in front of the entire class

9. [+6411] His voice alone revolts me. I can’t imagine how it’d be like if I saw him in person🤮

10. [+3824] This boss here thinks he’s a master of slaves 




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1 hour ago, monraine said:

I mean he sounds like a total trash but I don't think talking about someone and saying she is ugly can be called abuse?? unless i don't understand the whole situation

I think she's super pretty and I love her strong vibe tho

Did you hear the recording? He says she is ugly... many times, forces other employees to say it too, he mocks her fashion choices and also says she can't sing 🤡

It's abuse and if you read her statement she has been suffering it for a while.

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