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[CentKent] Du Hua (Yuehua CEO) cries on jiejies survival show

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1. I don't have the least bit of sympathy. I even want to say, "you reap the fruits of your own actions." [+18892]

Response: Hua, even if the whole word treats you as the enemy, I will also stand on the side of the whole world  [+6158]

2. Du Hua, you broke down just because of this? How many girls broke down because of your actions? How many artists broke down because of your actions? You finally realize how laughable your usual appearance is? [+18845]

Response: You really spoke what was in the depths of this old lady's heart. I am not a fan of anyone in Yuehua, but my heart really hurts for them  it's really not easy [+3857]

3. I cried. I was pretending  [+17979]

4. So you should be better to the artists under you [+12665]

5. Du Hua cried, I laughed [+7740]

6. Huahua-zi, I hope that you can be a bit better to your own company's artists. Be more diligent. Watching you cry actually makes me feel quite uncomfortable, and I feel that you don't have it easy. But suddenly, I think of Wang Yibo's announcement again, I once again hold up the fist I used to wipe my tears 👊[+5131]



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