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Ghost Chat thread

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yall lmao all the gamers are here indeed


i like all the ideas so far, can't think further

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Hello~ I have arrived fashionably late and have no idea what's happening, as usual

Here to get together and do club stuff idk how we gonna work it yet   SUGGESTION FOR THE CLUB A Club OP (with Graphics and introduction)  Members card of all the ghost trainers to add

i spend to much time on the pic i submitted to be on my card lol  

- DP of the user for image: https://images.app.goo.gl/35XjHDKsys3DayG29

- Add Favorite Pokemon: Wobbuffet 

- Add user secondary type? (first is ghost ofc): Fairy

- Add our catchphrase

- Include our weakness and Strenghts:

Strength is strategizing and sleeping

Weakness is strategizing but doing nothing about it

Idk if I was supposed to fill this form but welp.



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@StanSatan I was making a doc so it will be easier 
we'll put the form in there

@HRH Ayyu I also made a poll for it, will be easier to track


Everyone the sooner you fill it the quicker you'll get your card!



I got the poll up and running to choose for the card design!
Make sure to vote

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i'm yelling

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@Bel.laaa senpai i found an unedited(is this a word?) higher quality version of the pic i sent in the submission, can u change it to this one juiceayo :rlytearpls:





Jessica would be fitting because of her name, or jennie ig

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3 hours ago, HRH Ayyu said:

i dont know why, but it wont let me quote people here



Yeah you need to select text and quote selection from it , can't add quote button to this for the same bug as the rant section


2 hours ago, love said:

if kevin is james, who is jessie? 

... jennie ofc

26 minutes ago, harumaki said:

Okay I somehow rescued @Angy's broken pic

  Hide contents


Is that the one?

It's probably Angy's ... definitely 😭

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