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Ghost Chat thread

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Hello~ I have arrived fashionably late and have no idea what's happening, as usual

Here to get together and do club stuff idk how we gonna work it yet   SUGGESTION FOR THE CLUB A Club OP (with Graphics and introduction)  Members card of all the ghost trainers to add

i spend to much time on the pic i submitted to be on my card lol  

19 minutes ago, Haruchi said:

F 😭 I was gonna change my username to Chiharu, but that was taken. By who idk, since I've never seen a Chiharu on here!

I think you can have the username if the user hasn't been active in a long time

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21 minutes ago, A h n said:

Hi! Guess who joined the best club of OH


We stan an icon

already using our gif folder 


11 minutes ago, harumaki said:

I have no idea what is going on 


I guess I'll have to join the ds server

You defo should we always on here mess


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Btw when y'all posting on the gif thread



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me thinks lucky one pretty mch top 3 title tracks

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14 minutes ago, Tayenne said:

mama one of the best debut songs

also sexy dp

Yes thank you granny Tonya

If you need me to name the man I won't be able to
Don't try to make me name the name of the man
It won't work I really don't know a thing about this man
I could see this man in the street and I wouldn't know a thing
Sorry to this man

14 minutes ago, Angy said:

Power is also good

Mama was like a movie indeed

But it didn't shine as much as exo's foreheads

I wasnt really there during Power but that song snap too, an icon

MAMA forever legendary, when I was young and school people who didnt even know a thing about kpop sang this song cause it was just so iconic.. 

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4 hours ago, BlessMeAchoo said:

Hello everyone~


28 minutes ago, rananicolee said:

well well well


ah welcome to our lovely club

I think you fit in here perfectly since we only stan talent in here ❤️ 

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