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Welcome Trainer to you POH!kémon Summer Camp!
Your journey starts here!

The camp takes place on the artificial island of OH. During this summer, you are going to travail across the island with your teammates in order to become the very best!



JULY 15 - JULY 21: Pick your POH!kémon starter and get familiar with your team!
Pick your starter in the Professor Oak's research lab!
And meet the others trainers in their respective clubs!

JULY 22 - JULY 28: Participate in minigames and missions to catch POH!kémons!
Make sure to not miss an occasion of catching new POH!kémons by checking the games schedule!

JULY 29 - AUGUST 4: Pick your POH!kémon team before continuing the journey!
Now that you caught many POH!kémons with your teammates, you need to pick the 6 POH!kémons that your team will use for the rest of the event. Make sure to be aware of the specialty types of the Elite trainers before picking!

AUGUST 5 - AUGUST 14: Make your POH!kémon team become the strongest and get the Arenas badges!
Before challenging the Elite, you need to defeat the Arenas! Defeating an arena will give you a special power-up to be stronger against the Elite! Each team will be able to get an Arena badge, but first come, first served!

AUGUST 15 - AUGUST 23: Challenge the POH!kémon League Elite and get crowned best POH!kémon trainer!
The main battlefield of this event: the POH!kémon League Elite!
Now that you have your team and your power-ups ready, it's time to challenge the strongest trainers of the OH Isle! Defeat them to become a POH!kémon Champion!

Each week of the event will be explained with further details by the Events Team. But if you have any question, do not hesitate to ask us in the Ask the League thread!




The team that wins the POH!kémon Event wins:
- A Club
- A Club Award
- A Winner Stamp (1 month)
- A Trophy



A MVP player will be picked in each type team depending on their overall appreciation during the Event.
Each one will be rewarded with:
- A .gif Unique Item
- 20 Platinum Tokens
- A MVP Stamp (1 month)


Regular prizes will also be given during the games we host through this event, and some exclusive items such as Arena Badges will be in the shop for a limited time and only limited to users with the stamp of the team that won the badge!


Trainers, it is now your time to shine!
Have a great time, and don't forget, gotta catch 'em all!

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