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Fighting Trainers

Welcome to your club Fighting trainer!

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Welcome to your club Fighting trainer!

This club is a free field for you, your starter LeoPunch and your teammates!




You are free to create threads as you'd like in the Threads tab. Simply make sure to still follow Onehallyu's rules even in your club!

If you do not want to miss anything from your club, do not hesitate to follow the Threads tab!



The Quote button is unavailable in Clubs as of now. If you want to quote someone, you can select the text and it will show a Quote Selection button. Click on it to quote text. You can also use the @ option to reply to someone.



During the event, you can get a maximum of 3 threads pinned in your club. Make sure to discuss with your teammates beforehand as once a pin is used, it's lost. And if there is disagreements, the thread could be unpinned without getting back your pin.

To pin a thread you need to @Koya on this thread with a link to the thread to pin.


Now it's time to join your teammates and go train your Poh!kémons!

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get into it leopunchers :cuteeyes:

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