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Christy Chan Kitling Says She Was Paid USD $3.60 An Hour At TVB

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Weeks after former TVB actor-singer Auston Lam went public with his grievances against Hongkong broadcaster TVB for only offering him a monthly salary of HK$12,000 if he were to recontract with them, former TVB actress Christy Chan gave an interview, sharing that she had a similar experience with TVB.

The 32-year-old, who was a Top 10 finalist in the 2012 Miss Hongkong Pageant, joined TVB shortly after the pageant. She eventually left the company five years later in 2017. 

When asked about Auston’s claims, Christy said that she “wasn't surprised”, adding that her experience was largely similar to Auston’s.



cchan3 data


Christy said that she was sent to Vietnam to shoot a ten-episode show, but was only paid HK$28 an hour ‘cos she was a newcomer with no bargaining power. 

“There are no emotions involved [when you negotiate] with the company. If [they feel that] you are beneficial to them, even if you ask for HK$20,000 (S$3598), they will be willing to pay up,” she said.

Even after Christy graduated from training class and became a full-fledged artiste, her bargaining power did not increase.

“I was basically cheap labour, filming children’s shows, travel shows and working as an extra. There was no worry that I’d have no jobs. I was bringing in HK$20,000 ($3598) to HK$30,000 (S$5397) a month, but my physical condition was really bad,” she said.


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However, Christy admitted that she learnt a lot from her time in TVB as she had to accept every job that was offered to her, only drawing the line at rape scenes. 

She described her five years at TVB as an experience that was “more bitter than sweet”, saying that it was “the toughest job in the world”. Therefore, when her contract with TVB expired, Christy chose to leave the company to become a full-time influencer instead. But she's not totally out of showbiz though. Christy is currently co-hosting ViuTV’s cooking show, Beauty and the Feast. 



cchan4 data


She added that she’s not close with most of her fellow Miss Hongkong 2012 contestants and that she chose not to join any of the drinking sessions or dinners after filming 'cos she found them shady.

Even though some of her pageant sisters like Roxanne Tong and Tracy Chu are now rising stars in TVB, Christy says that she has no regrets leaving the company.

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