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• ENHYPEN's Mood Maker JAY (제이) Official Thread • 🦅

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questionable gfx by: love  

no kidding, the youngest trainees on the show are 14 (international age) and i just...forget there are people who were born after the year 2000...

I can't believe he's last in the votes. Please vote everyone!!

both of jay's new profiles:

(trans credit to ilandeggies) jay's end goal for i-land in 7 words: let's debut let's go
what has jay learned in i-land in one word: attitude
most memorable moment: being confirmed in the top 6 for part 2
a secret weapon he hasn't shown yet: look forward to it, kek (this tease i s2g)
if he debuts he will be: a humane singer who will always love the arts
most handsome trainee besides himself: jake
trainee whose charms he'd like to steal: jungwon; he's an all-rounder who's cute, mature, and cool.  no matter what he does, he's so likable
trainee who is different from their 1st impression: park sunghoon
trainee(s) who he treats like real brothers: k, jungwon, sunoo
trainee who has a unique habit: sunoo

the words he wants to tell himself: "keep your head on straight.  focus on the now."
today's thanks to: the producers who gave helpful feedback and to the team members who have worked so hard until now
diary: a lot of things happened today and many things changed, but the important thing is to focus on what i have to do right now and to think about how i can re-pay the people who are cheering me on.  let's just focus on that.


he's so wise i'm gonna cry



trainees who think jay is different from his first impression: sunoo, niki, daniel, k, ta-ki, hanbin
(daniel was the only one to explain why: "at first impression, he looked like he would be sensitive, scary, and hard to approach, but now he is so funny and the team's energy...he's like the friendly neighborhood friend and he's a great hyung.  thanks to jay hyung, there is never a lull in the conversation.")

trainee who would like to steal jay's charms: jungwon --> "he has charisma onstage, but in real life he is cute without trying and funny without trying."

trainees who treat him like a real brother: k, jungwon, niki (who wrote him down as younger and older brother lmao), daniel (who chose everyone)

trainee who thinks jay has a unique habit: k (he didn't specify what the habit is)


from daniel's diary:


their friendship is so cute TT

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  • love changed the title to • I-LAND's 원분수 Leader JAY (제이) Official Thread •

hi~! i havent been here in OH but i just wanna popped in to post VOTE FOR JAY!! AAAAA just 1 more week JAY pls survive til the end. 

also, with all the funny embarrassing moments you have, you better debut asdagffdg

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  • love changed the title to • ENHYPEN's Meme King JAY (제이) Official Thread • Congratulations on Rank 2! #iFlyWithJay
  • love changed the title to • ENHYPEN's Meme King JAY (제이) Official Thread • Congratulations on Rank 2!


just wanna say that i'm really proud of jay (as well as heeseung and ni-ki) for protecting the other members from those crazy people at the airport...even though he must've been scared and stressed himself, he still put on a brave face and used himself as a buffer so they wouldn't get pushed or touched.  so selfless and really speaks to his character.  in the future i hope security is much stronger and that true fans will be able to create a much safer environment for enhypen.

we love you jay!! 💖💕🥰

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  • love changed the title to • ENHYPEN's Mood Maker JAY (제이) Official Thread • 🦅

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