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• ENHYPEN's Charismatic JAY (제이) Official Thread • 🦅

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here are jay's snippets from the forbes interview:

Jeff Benjamin: Fans watched your broadcasted experience in I-Land, but I’d like to know more about your personal experiences between one another. Can you share any moments that stood out?

Jay: The members pranked me by putting grapefruit soda and salt in the kimchi stew I was eating while I got up to get something. I thought it tasted strange once I came back… and was shocked to hear what they had done midway through the meal. 


Jeff Benjamin: Since we are learning more about you in this interview, can each member share a new fact about himself that fans don’t know yet?

Jay: It’s been 10 years since I moved to Korea from the U.S., so my English is actually quite rusty. I’ll practice it for the English-speaking fans who have supported me thus far. I’ve also been studying Japanese on my own and can manage while only speaking the language. I’ll do my best to perfect my Korean, English, and Japanese to communicate better with fans!


Jeff Benjamin While it may be uncertain when you can see each other in person, can you share a message to your fans around the world who are waiting to meet you?

 Jay: First off, I’d like to thank all the fans who have already been showing us so much love. We’ll keep growing together as ENHYPEN. We’re working on our debut album, so please look forward to it!!


and the snippets that mention jay:

Jeff Benjamin: Do any of the members partake in songwriting or song composing? Does anyone have interest in this or are you training in it?

ENHYPEN: Heeseung has experience with both songwriting and song composing, and Jay and Jungwon write lyrics from time to time. We’re all really interested in songwriting and composing. We’ve been taking every opportunity to practice in the studio ever since we became members.


[about moments that stood out]

Heeseung: Jay and I had many “heart-to-heart” chats. These conversations helped us bond at another level.

Jungwon: Once I had a conversation with Jay when he confessed that he couldn’t express being tired or burnt out because of the hard working image he portrayed. Now seven of us are all very close and feel comfortable being completely honest with one another.

Jake: Sunghoon and I once turned the lights off in the bathroom to scare Jay. We scared him a number of times after that and his reactions were always hilarious. I’ll make sure to capture some on camera one day to show you.

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Jay's parts from the SEVENTEEN Magazine interview: https://www.seventeen.com/celebrity/music/a34429856/enhypen-members-facts-interview/

What are three words you would use to describe yourself?: Energy, Performance, Fashion

What does ENHYPEN mean to you?: My life itself as it is and will be.

What has been the biggest lesson you’ve learned in joining the group?: There will always be hard work and perseverance behind the glitz and glamor.

A big goal/hope for the group as you debut?: I believe that I should aim high enough to achieve at least half of that goal. So my goal is to reach the top of the world.


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