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The song that was a big hit last 2013 but would not be at this time

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Easily my most favorite Girls Day title track (Something and I’ll Be Yours are up there too).

It’s the song that catapulted GsD to fame but k-nets have talked about how it won’t work anymore if it was released in the current time because of Korea’s bad history with the first Female president.

I miss Girls Day 😞

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17 minutes ago, evil4life said:


Expectation says hi




5 minutes ago, Arceus said:

Expectation was their breakthrough though lol

For me Expect was kind of their breakthrough and what marked the start of their growing fame after people got interested with the rebranding and of course the song. However, Female President (which is their 1st win) was like the “final nail in the coffin” (meant in a positive way) of their success. GsD were relatively popular with Twinkle Twinkle already, Expect gathered attention, Female President made them a success.

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45 minutes ago, PurpleAnii said:

A great song tbh. Special mention for Hello Bubble!

Omg yes, I was so close to mentioning Hello Bubble to until I realized that it wasn't a comeback song. I really love that song!

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