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[WG] Produce Camp 2020’s latest ranking is a mystery

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1. Zhao Yue
2. Wang Yijin
3. Xilinnayi Gao (Curley)
4. Xu Yiyang
5. Chen Zhuoxuan
6. Liu Xiening (Sally)
7. Zheng Naixin (Nene)

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1. [+11k] What a mystery

2. [+10k] It’s a total mystery. Just wow 

3. [+7672] Zhao Yue better sit tight on the first place 

4. [+7095] Curley is third???????

5. [+4915] Nene go for it! 

6. [+3741] They drew lots 

7. [+3255] Was this a randomly drawn ranking?

8. [+2561] Curley Gao💙💙 Walk on a flowery path to the finals! 

9. [+1854] Bow your heads down to the competent Zhao Yue! Anticipating future works! 

10. [+1648] I adore Zhao Yue... and almost turned gay for her. But I still think Curley is the best 

11. [+1461] Fuck, five syllabus sis is no longer first? Even though Zhao Yue is great too, I still think five syllabus sis is the strongest and she’s an all-rounder...

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