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[Daum/Theqoo] Baekhyun breaks record with 700k album sold in first week

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Daum: Baekhyun surpassed 700k copies with his second album in first week sales

- I still can't believe it is 700k. Did Kpop lose everything to Baekhyun?

- I'm a fan and I still can't believe this. Is he this popular? Who on earth do I like?

- There are only a few group that can sell over 700k though.

- He is a 9th year idol but what is this popularity? I want to know.

- Preorders are 730k and he has sold 700k...

- He could take a day off on the day his song is released, but when I see Baekhyun, who went to take lesson on that day, he can't help but doing well. He has a nickname for being a genius idol because he does well, but he thinks he still lacks, and he is working hard and practicing and being humble. When I see Baekhyun, I'm just thinking about  should live like him too. But I still should try.

- It is even hard for a group to sell 700k...

- And it's only first week sales..

- It's amazing. He is like having idol DNA. He is good at singing and is a stan-attractor. I think I know well about fans' needs. I'm still a fan of EXO, but I don't like them as deep as I used to do. This time, the concept is my style. I usually use Vibe, but I bought a Melon streaming and an album after a long time. It was good that the album version and photo card I wanted came out. He improves every time he releases songs and he amazes me every time. That he takes vocal lesson every day, I feel like he can't help but having many fans. I hope he will be more successful.

- Baekhyun is a wall.

- And we have 300k copies left, you know what I mean..

- Wow, that's amazing. I've never bought an album before but I thought I'd buy one this time. Not only the title song, but other songs are also good. I've been listening to "Candy", "Poppin" and "Bungee". "Candy"'s dance is so good that if only my body allowed me, I could have done the Candy Dance Challenge. The conclusion is that the song is freaking good.

- Lee Sooman should carry Baekhyun on his back and stop giving him cost-effective present.

- SM, please treat Baekhyun well.

- He has been constantly popular since I was in high school.

- I bought one Baekhyun's album this time, and among idol albums I have seen, it's so pretty...The cover is pretty. There are also stickers like this. The album photos aren't just photos. They are all in trends lately. I really like them.

- There are so many popular, talented, and pretty idols, but what should I say? There are only two people who I think they are heavenly: IU and Baekhyun. But these two have a lot in common. 1. Appearance: Stan-attractor type. 2. Singing skill: They are both masters of mixed voice. 3. Talents: They are born with talents and I just want to see them more and more. 4. Personality: Their personalities are really different, but they are positive and try to solve the problems on their own. 5. Smart: they are really smart in every way. 6. Fan love: Both of them are fan lovers and there were a lot of people who didn't like them for no reason at first, and they think the only way to prove it is using their talents. They are amazing. Now I wonder if there is anyone who doesn't like these two. And they know very well what fans want and how they can give them. They use it very well. But it's not that they don't have the color they want, but they are very firm and self-minded. They are good at catching the middle point between what they want and what the general public wants. There are so many idols who don't know or catch the point. In the idol world and the broadcast industry, I think they are geniuses that will never appear again. They are just geniuses.

- Whenever I see Baekhyun these days, I think about that he said would work harder until there is no one who don't like him. I feel so touched because it really came true. He made it all happen. I'm so proud of Baekhyun. As Baekhyun said, I'll be his proud fan. Thank you for always giving me good influence.

- Baekhyun is so healthy and cool. I'll also live working really hard, being bright and being happy. Let's be together for a long time. Please sing for us. Baekhyun is the best.



- His song is good. I became his fan this comeback.

- Woah I didn't know he could sell this well.

- 700k as a solo...

- He sells so well and his song is good.

- I bought his album too. His new song is good and the album is pretty.

- It is insane.

- Congratulations

- He did a good job. Basically, he is already good, I think he will do better in the future.



Please check out Baekhyun's new album 'Delight' in the links below :lovestruck:

Check his new album 'Delight' here : iTunesApple Music SpotifyDeezerPandoraYoutube MusicMelonFLOgenie - Naver Music


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And Bacon's come up with the dancing is commendable. He's really put time into his craft, I must say I'm impressed.

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