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[WG] Smelly Octopus Show Lo pens his heartfelt thoughts into a long letter and tags Grace Chow in post

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(T/N: pics cr as tagged)



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1. [+271k] Tacky dog. I stopped writing like this ever since I was in middle school. 

2. [+108k] Hot search: Show Lo begins the begging

3. [+106k] ???

4. [+91k] It’s not in traditional Chinese. Are you sure you wrote it yourself? You mean you used a body double to send Chow a message in the middle of the night? A mainlander?

5. [+78k] Why does it look like a daily diary entry on QQ? What do you mean “boy”, “girl”? 

6. [+72k] I feel bad for your 9 years; your words still love her. 
(T/N: reference to Zheng Shuang; search her name in the blog to see more) 

7. [+56k] Am I the only one who can’t access it?

8. [+49k] Hot search coming up, and I’m left speechless 

9. [+48k] ????

10. [+42k] ?????????? The fuck???

11. [+39k] You’re not good enough for her, you smelly octopus! 

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