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feeling so overwhelmed as of late. i miss my friends and mom so much. i've been on different anti-depressants for around five years now with little success.  i was supposed to see my psychiatrist again recently but she's not accepting her clients during lockdown. and its too expensive to get a consultation with a new one. my GP wont adjust my medication dosage without a letter from my psychiatrist even though i've told them again and again that the meds have been making me worse. i cant think straight. i cant sleep. when i do sleep its only after taking a bunch of sleeping pills so i can sleep through a few days and thats just about all thats keeping me going right now. so tired. i'm just accepting that maybe this world isn't for me and thats why i cant be happy in it. i just want to be neurotypical in my next life lol. so incredibly tired.

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sorry to hear that 😞

if you are able to talk to your friends or mum on skype or whatever deffo try that if you have not already

there are helplines if you need to talk to a stranger and let it all out

but lockdown will end slowly but surely and you can be seen face to face by a specialist again.

the world isn' t here for anyone but we just have to try and land our feet somewhere

Keep strong

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i'm in a very similar situation but it's ritalin for me, i basically said fuck it and refuse to take my meds but i wouldn't advise you to do that out of safety

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