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[Knets] K-fans react to Baekhyun's MBTI test


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ISFP = Prefers Introversion over Extroversion, Sense over Intuition, Feelings over Logic, Perceiving over Judging.

"Flexible and charming, always ready to explore and experience new things"

Daum: I didn't expect Baekhyun is ISFP at all

- My prediction went wrong.

- Me too. But I'm lazy. (*I searched and ISFP is said to be a lazy type.)

- Agree. Baekhyun is just so hardworking.

- Same. I didn't expect he is "I".

- I though Baekhyun would be J. I'm ISFP to the bone but I can never do as I plan to. I'm very lazy.

- I expected he would be INFP.

- He's so different from me. I'm a final boss of laziness.

- The only same point is we are home body. Baekhyun is hardworking, isn't he?

- It's already amazing that a ISFP person can be a celebrity.


Theqoo: Baekhyun reveals his mbti result after 8 years.

- I knew Baekhyun will be "I".

- He's so "E" though. Why "I"?

> He's a home-idol.

- Not a fan, so it's freaking unexpected that Baekhyun is "I"

- Fans also expected him to be "I" though.

- It's not quite shocking among fans as we expected him to be "I".

- Fans all thought he would be "I". He's a home body, and he is the type that spends his time himself.


Instiz: Baekhyun's mbti is ISFP

- Heol my first time knowing an idol that has the same result with me.

- Baekhyun is "I". It's cute.

- He has a great artistic tendency.

- Heol same with me. I though Baekhyun-nim would be "E" as he is bright. This is unexpected.

- I'm ENTJ. It is opposite so if we get married, we would match perfectly.

- We are same except for one letter.

- He only takes good things ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ as expected Baekhyun is an artist.

- As expected it's different from what fans see. Baekhyun is so "I"



Anticipate his 2nd album coming in May!



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Since some of the netizen comments don't seem to understand, introversion and extroversion has more to do with energy levels. An outgoing person can actually be introverted if they need alone time to recharge themselves, and a quiet and shy person can be extroverted if they feel energized just by being around other people's company. 

where are they reading that ISFP is lazy though because they're classified as the Adventurer Type on 16Personalities


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9 hours ago, melancholic autumn said:

where are they reading that ISFP is lazy though because they're classified as the Adventurer Type on 16Personalities

i think it's some stereotype that goes around in the korean sites, or maybe because ISFP are described as adventurers which results on the lazy ones spamming forums with how lazy they are, to prove otherwise, then it got recognized as a fact.

Baekhyun isn't lazy anyway, ISFP kinda fits well from what we know about him.

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