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Jimin's GF

First of all - How

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There was this boy in my university. We had one class in common and for some reason I liked him very early on, so to say, first time i saw him i noticed he had charisma, a masculine one, which is very attractive to me. Next thing I know, he introduces himself to the class (we were a very small group, we all introduced ourselves) and he was 18. I'm 24. 😶

So after that I try not to think about him, but you know, when you supress emotions they just become stronger... Anyway, we had to do a project by groups of two so i asked him to do it with me and he accepted.

We agreed to meet the next day to choose our text to work on. When I was at the place of meeting, he wasn't there so I sent him a message and he told me he was studying with a friend (he has a part time job which overlapses his classes so he often has to ask others around for class contents). I thought that was fine, not very polite, but fine.

Fast foward, as I thought i dont want a man who forgets things so easily i never talked to him again about our project (we had actually started discussing it way earlier than most, so it wasn't a big deal not to talk about it.... It was just me making a move fast so that I secure my group with him and secure me getting close to him a bit to get to know him😁)

Eventually, I heard he is in a group with other people. I thought this was rude but at the same time now that I think about it we didnt discuss about our project again and none of us ever said to other people of the class we already set a group together so...

Either way, the schools closed in my country. The professor gave marks based on what we had done in class so the project was no more.

This was a month ago. 

Yesterday I posted a pic on instagram of a beautiful landscape. He liked it. 

I also had been thinking about him a bit recently. Thinking about sending him a message. So I did. Asking about isolation and whatnot. Then... I asked him out. His first answer was something along the lines of "Well I really love every one in our group so sure, we can meet together again!!" I was mortified because I thought this was his way of saying he is friendzoning me.

But I kept going.

I said it was not necessarliy a rendez-vous for the whole group... he said he didn't mind it. And then he said he would like it. assdfgghjjkkll

I replied that we should do it when isolation is over then. He asked me to tell him again as he has a bad memory and tends to forget things (tell me about it...). Then he added this is the kind of thing you don't forget so easily asdfghjklmdfghjkl 

So. I. Got. A. Date. With. My. Crush. I- ?????????

The only thing bugging me here is that he is 6 years younger than me. Before meeting him, younger by two years was already too much for me....

btw if you want to correct my English please go ahead, even if it's just a matter of phrasing sentences

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maaaam thats cute af 🥺 hope the date goes well when it happens!

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