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[pannatic] Would you rather meet your soulmate or receive $100,000?

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1. Meet the love of your life just like what you've only seen in the movies. When you're with them, it feels like you own the world. The love between both of you could either last forever or suddenly be gone. 
2. Receive $100,000 in cash
-Money can't betray you...
-Okay, now give me my $100,000
-I would rather meet my soulmate. I'm living a life without $100,000 right now and I'm completely fine without it. 
-Being in a relationship is a pain in the ass, I would rather be alone...
-Money can't buy you soulmate...
-I've found a love like that, but it eventually came to an end. Love is love, but I would rather receive $100,000
-Of course the first option! I'm just going to work my ass off to earn $100,000
-I can live without soulmate, but I can't live without money...
-I would absolutely choose money with no doubt. I don't need love.
-If there's no guarantee that the love would last forever, I would rather choose money...
-The best friend that a woman could ever get is a diamond.
-Love, of course. It's just $100,000, it's not that much...
-Soulmate, please. I'm in my 30s and I have never been in relationshipㅠㅠㅠ
-I would choose love if there's a guarantee that it would last forever. But if there isn't any then I guess I'm just going to go with the second option.
-It's not easy for me to find someone who I can connect with...
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Option one. Just based on odds itself, I will definitely be able to earn 100k, but there are 7 billion people in the world and it'll be almost impossible to meet my soulmate. I think it's a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

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