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[SOOMPI] WM Entertainment Partners With KTOON To Release Webtoon Series Of Agency Idols + Oh My Girl Webtoon To Launch First


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WM Entertainment artists will be featured in webtoons!

On April 9, it was revealed that KT’s webtoon platform KTOON and WM Entertainment signed an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) to collaborate on webtoon content and marketing.

KT will work with WM Entertainment to create and market original webtoon content starring the agency’s idols including Oh My Girl, B1A4, and ONF.

The prologue for a new webtoon series titled “Sometoon x Oh My Girl” will be released on April 14, ahead of the girl group’s upcoming comeback at the end of April. It will incorporate true stories of the Oh My Girl members and will be updated every week with a new episode. Created by Mojito Mohican, “SomeToon” is a popular series with over 600 episodes of stories inspired by readers’ true-life events.

Kim Hoon Bae, the head of KT’s New Media Business Unit, said, “We worked on this content collaboration so readers can feel a new kind of joy when seeing their favorite idols in webtoon stories. Through KT’s content capabilities, we will continue to present heartwarming content that will give energy to customers welcoming spring in their homes while refraining from going outside.”

After launching in 2016, KTOON has published over 400 webtoon series and co-marketed various promotions including SBS’s “A Girl Who Sees Smells,”  Channel A’s “Heart Signal,” and the musical “I Love You.”

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