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sales Which soloist will be first to surpass 1 Million cumulative sales on Gaon?

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Baekhyun probably. Isn't he preparing for his comeback? I can see his next album outselling his debut especially if it's a full album. I think he could do 600k+ easy tbh.

Taeyeon does a lot of comebacks but she also likes releasing singles rather than albums and probably won't be doing a full album + repack any time soon. It'll probably take her at least 2 minis to hit the 1m mark, so maybe next year? 

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51 minutes ago, Bitoku said:

yes he is preparing for a comeback, tho we don't know if he will hit 500k again. when idols go solo, their debut album tend to remain their best seller for a long time.

Chen's 2nd album sold less than April And A Flower.

Daniel's 2nd album sold less than Color On Me.

GD's debut album is still his best selling album.

Taeyeon's debut album remained her best selling for a long time.

Baekhyun has better chances of out-selling City Lights if he releases a full album + a repackage. tho i think he will release a mini.

Hm that's true. I guess solo stans spend more years saving up for the debut album and so sales for the next few albums go down a bit. I still think that his next comeback would be able to reach at the very least 450k+ and if he does a full album, he'll still be able to do 600k+ with or without a repack. 

SM has also been doing the delayed extra cover release for a lot of their recent albums which pushes up sales a lot so maybe they'll do that for him? Not being able to hold fansigns isn't a concern either because SM realised half way through 127's  promotions that they can announce fansigns without a set date (for after the pandemic) to push kfans to buy the album. If SM uses these gimmicks, I think he can reach 1m next album. 

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