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Winter 2020 Events Team Seasonal Raffle! Live Thread - Finished

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1 minute ago, love said:

also provide some wooyoung gifs if you have any, i need to save them for scientific purposes

the folder is old there's barely any ateez gif in it :icant:

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That's all for this first Seasonal Raffle! I hope you had a good time! If you didn't get the prize of your dreams tonight keep on participating in our games, you might get it in the next raffle!

woww that was really unexpected lol thank youu     thank you all!

all I see are nctzens  you can donate them to me if you dont want them  omo congrats rei

Just now, Koya said:

just a little reminder you can only win once per raffle!

if not trashie would've won half of the prize i keep on drawing her since the beginning hrfqsfgsod

oh mess luck comes at once and make me unlucky rip anw glad I landed on a unique ring adfsafsadfas 

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1 minute ago, Green Tea Is Green said:

Omg el getting those plats for the game he'll maybe host in 2029, nice...
Congrats sandwich!!

oh mess He still didnt host that game fsafdsdafa 

Just now, Jang ManWol said:

wow i'm really never winning anything...

congrats to everyone who has won so far ❤️

fdasdfasf dont give up maybe you will win 100 wons or sth cheer up

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