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announcement Events Team Updates: Raffles, Items price decrease, Clubs update, and more!

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Hello everyone, over the past few weeks a few things were added or reorganized within the Events Team. This announcement is to let everyone know about the new things we can offer and also to remind everyone about some ongoing things~


The Delete & Rearrange My Medals thread
To give the opportunity to users to delete unwanted medals, or rearrange their medals in a certain order, we put on a new request thread. This allows everyone to request changes on their medals for free. The thread is open all the time, but the request will be fulfilled when the Events Coordinator has free time, so be patient!

The Event's Team Prizes & Special Items directory
A directory has been added to replace what the F.A.Q of the Ask the Events Team thread listed. This thread is full of information about the prizes you can get by participating in our games and events and tell you how to get each of them.

The monthly raffle becomes the seasonal raffle
After months of hiatus, the monthly raffle comes back! However, to fit the current hosts shortage from the Events team, the raffle won't be hosted every month but every 3 months. The Item and the Tokens raffles are also merged. The new raffle was modified to fit the current reward system from our games and events:

  • 2x Temporary Unique Awards (for 3 months instead of 1 before)
  • 2x Unique Items
  • 2x Unique Rings
  • 2x Lockets
  • 2x Artist Signatures
  • 2x Stamps (for 1 month, for 1 to 4 users per stamp)
  • 2x Thread pins
  • 2x 20 Platinum Tokens
  • 2x 15 Platinum Tokens
  • 2x 10 Platinum Tokens
  • 2x 5 Platinum Tokens
  • 2x 2,000,000 Wons
  • 2x 1,500,000 Wons
  • 2x 1,000,000 Wons
  • 2x 500,000 Wons

A price decrease on Lockets, Artist Signatures and Flags
The price for Lockets, Artist Signatures and Flags has been revised. The prize in platinum tokens to add a new one stays the same, however, to allow more users to be able to afford those items, we decided to decrease their prices:

  • Locket: 1,000,000 Wons (previously 2,000,000 Wons)
  • Artist Signature: 500,000 Wons (previously 1,000,000 Wons)
  • Flag: 200,000 Wons (previously 500,000 wons)

We also decided to limit the stock of those items. Lockets have a stock of 20, Artists Signatures a stock of 40 and Flags a stock of 50. This stock will be renewed every year (or every 6 months if there are high demands).

Clubs update: clubs are up for sale and you can now have a club badge
With the new system, a new feature was added: clubs. Until now, clubs could only be won through our games and events. However, we decided to add Clubs to the list of prizes that can be bought with Platinum Tokens. Clubs are now available to buy for 50 Platinum Tokens. Along with this update, a new perk has been added for club: the possibility to have a Club Badge! The club owner will have to buy the right to get a club badge for 15 Platinum Tokens, then club members will have to vote on a badge to represent their club. This badge will be added to the Awards Listing and will then be available for request like any other usual badge. Note that those club badges aren't unique nor reserved to the club members. Once the club badge is added to the Awards Listing, every member of Onehallyu is allowed to request it. For more info about clubs, you can check the Events Team's Prizes & Special Items directory.



The Events Team is recruiting!
The Events Team is looking for new Game Hosts and Graphic Designers. If you are interested in joining the team, take a look at our recruitment thread!

The OH Events Discord
A few weeks ago we launched the OH Events Discord as a mean to alert users when a game or event is hosted. It is also a nice place to discuss with other users and to have a good time, join us!

The Event Team Sponsoring system
If you are interested in hosting a game, do not hesitate to contact us to get your game sponsored. It works for any game, from the large scale game to any mini game! It'll allow you to get prizes from the Events Team such as wons, platinum tokens and special items! On top of that, the winners of your game will also get a ticket for the Seasonal Raffle, it's all wins for everyone~


If you have any questions about those news, do not hesitate to ask us~
We hope that they will make your experience with Events on OH even better!



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26 minutes ago, Koya said:

Flag: 200,000 Wons (previously 500,000 wons)


please donate to me lovely users of onehellyu

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4 minutes ago, eli said:


please donate to me lovely users of onehellyu

You can get your wons back easily by playing the Events Team games! We hope to see you in our future games! 677089776540581889.png?v=1

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7 hours ago, beram said:

I spent 2m wons on a locket literally last week...where's my refund 

Same as eli, get back your wons by playing the Events Team games! 677089776540581889.png?v=1

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