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[DB] Thank you, Xiao Zhan, for using your life to prove how fashionable Kris Wu is

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Posted (edited)


I didn’t like Bing Bing (T/N: WYF’s new nickname after weight gain) and couldn’t understand why he had so many fashion resources... until I saw these pics 







Next, this isn’t out of malice but rather out of humor








May I know if he’s doing a taobao buyer’s review?
Here’s our pure and kind Yibo who was scammed by Auntie Zan’s marketing. Even Auntie Zan was asking him shut up. I’m tearing up from laughter hahahahahaha  


(T/N: WYB praising XZ's fashion sense and XZ jokingly asking him to shut up)




Trans: https://douban-er.blogspot.com/2020/04/thank-you-xiao-zhan-for-using-your-life_4.html?



1. [+649] Fanfan’s visuals and figure are miles better than XZ...
3. [+356] Grateful towards zanzan for the laughter he brought us during this period
4. [+272/replying to (1)] His hunchback may be worse than Auntie Zan but his aura is still more elegant. 
5. [+175] Okay so why is Zan’s hand so tiny?

(T/N: Zan isn't a typo, some type Xiao Zhan's name as Zan instead of Zhan.)
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