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[WB] Comparing Yuehua's two visuals from Produce 101 and Youth With You, who is more beautiful?

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Posted (edited)

Produce 101 - Wu Xuanyi










Youth With You - Aria Jin Zihan








972 Comments 11,360 Likes



1. [+1,639] Jin Zihan 

2. [+1,122] Jin Zihan 

3. [+938] Jin Zihan 

4. [+792] Not to compare but Jin Zihan j74NgX0.png

5. [+707] It's Wu Xuanyi however you want to put it 

6. [+671] It's still Wu Xuanyi 

7. [+367] Jin Zihan is so beautiful 

8. [+353] Wu Xuanyi

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well first of all meiqi is way prettier than xuanyi, and aria to answer the question

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Posted (edited)

Xuanyi is amazing in those gifs, but this second girl is really pretty too


edit: just looked it up, aria is '99 line and 175cm, same as me. I have no choice but to stan

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