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BigHit has sued the NCTzen who accused Jungkook of sexual harassment

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seems a bit much to sue an 11 year old for being edgy on twitter

I don't think that the fact that she's a fan of NCT is relevant, tbh

Once again NO SYMPATHY for that little psycho in training. If she was able to do that, there is no telling what she has done in the past. Actions have consequences. And quite frankly I hope it goes on her record. If the situation was reversed and a 12 year old boy did that  to say Nayeon or Irene, people would be jumping through hoops calling for his head. At that age, especially in a country like South Korea, you know right from wrong. She's not 5. What she did wasn't an accident. It was a deliberate, calculated attack to try and get an adult labeled as a sex offender and thrown in jail. That is NOT being "edgy" or making a joke. It's a CRIME. Disgusting people like her need to learn the hard way that false accusations like that RUIN lives and have consequences. Some of ya'll really forget that a lot of the time once an false accusation pops up, it taints people's perspectives. And that stigma will always follow that person. There will always be rumors, and whispers. There will always be people waiting for the smallest thing to erupt so they can say "See I was right. He was always a pervert." She deserves a harsh punishment as well as EVERYONE who participated. 

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4 hours ago, Joey said:

So basically you don't want the kid to be sue but you don't know what to do the kid and you have no idea what the appropriate things to do

And you're going to answer that you're not a psychologist to know this thing 

And when a lot of people disagree with you, you're going to call it a herd mentality 🙂🙂

There's a name for people like you in my country, it's NATO, No Action Talk Only 🤷

because i'm not going to foam at the mouth thinking of how to punish a child that isn't my own when i do not know how parenting works. just being honest

and yes, a herd mentality because a lot of people seem to disagree with that one post yet no one has called me out for it 😞 i'm pretty sure my PMs are open if someone would be kind enough to tell me what was wrong with that statement of mine 

no action talk only? well what kind of action do you me to take LMAO


2 hours ago, Usagi. said:

How interesting, "it's disgusting that so many women have been taken advantage of" and " a kid who made a "'edgy tweet"" who should be not be sued by a multimillionaire company"...

The way you try to defend women rights but seem unable to see how and why false accusations of abuse or sexual herrassment, being made as a joke pra not, are more than "edgy tweets" doesnt sit right with me either. This kind of crime this middle schooler commited is one of the many problems related to why women face so many struggles when trying to report a real abuse and real sexual herrassment. People who think this is somehow excusable of facing consequences because apparently it's ~not that serious~ are part of the problem as well.

It wasnt an edgy tweet, nor excusable  because of age.

I'm not sure why some people seem so focused on defending someone who accused someone of something so serious because of fanwars.

do i think false sexual harassment accusations are horrible and detrimental to women as well? absolutely, because like you said, it makes it harder when women try to report real sexual abuse cases and will feel discouraged because of it in fear of being called liars among other things. no doubt

but what you seem to not get, is that it still does not make it ok for the two cases to be compared. the tweet is horrible on its own without bringing up the other case

i never said that it is "excusable of facing consequences". where did i say that?

an accusation made re: someone groping their friend, which has already been dealt with, will never compare to human trafficking and blackmailing women among whom are minors

and as i previously said, 

6 hours ago, anko said:

if no one brought up the room case i would not have reduced it to a mere edgy tweet to make my point


you're really bending over backwards trying to prove me wrong for something i never said. like really, i'm begging you to tell me where i said that the middle schooler should not face consequences...

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5 hours ago, Usagi. said:

And it's always the same people, lol

Exactly. It's very sad and hilarious 😂

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I don't like the company but the kid needs to realize whatever her/his action is it comes with consequences. I don't think they will jail that fan or anything, but visiting the police station can scare her to do such things again

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25 minutes ago, jay94 said:

I don't understand people on Twitter who said they felt sorry for that fan, there are some things you shouldn't say 

Those twitter users are stupid as fuck, but i'm not surprised tho, their hate for BTS clouds their logic. Don't they fucking know how fake accusations harm real women who were harmed by rapists, and other gross men. "Edgy tweets" like that can fuck up shit. Korean women are already going through the struggles of asshole men not believing them and misogynists not taking their struggles seriously and and men given such short prison or punishment for molka, revenge porn,  rape and other sex crimes. That lil girl was malicious and didn't seem to care about when falsely accusing a idol she don't like of something fucking serious for some fanwar.


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On 4/6/2020 at 1:38 PM, Joey said:

this recently happened

in 2015 a 15 y.o threatened to shoot RM in their concert (from twittter) causing  a whole concert got cut off, panicking. Big hit didn't do anyting about this person. Fast forward 5 years later ( week ago to be precise) that same person were laughing about it with their friends. Some kids might turn out alright some don't, why take a chance? Suing this kid might make them a better person

Yes. If they don't get corrected, trash will usually stay trash

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