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[REQUESTS] Delete & Rearrange my medals

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What are medals?
Medals are the little icons that appear under your badges. They are items that you can buy through the Member Shop. They can serve to showcase an album you like, a group or an idol you support, etc. They can also be unique or special items earned or bought with Platinum Tokens you can win in the Events Team games and events.

How do I get medals?
To get a medal, you need to buy one in the Member Shop. Some medals can be directly bought in the shop with the Wons you earned by posting on Onehallyu. Others need to be claimed directly to the Events Team coordinator as they can only be bought with Platinum Tokens, that are a special currency used in games.

How do I change the disposition of my medals?
The disposition of your medals can only be changed through a request in this thread. By default, your medals show from the most recent bought to the most ancient, and they are displayed by rows of 4, with a maximum of 4 rows.

How do I delete a medal?
Medals can only be deleted through a request in this thread. Once a medal deleted, the only way to get it back is to buy it again.

Can I have a medal without it showing in my post-bit? 
You can hide your medals by going on your profile and in the "Trophies & Medals" tab. You will find the list of all your medals there. On the far right of each medal, a "Hide" button appears. By clicking it, it will remove the medal from your post-bit, but keep the medal in your medal list, so you will have the possibility to put it back in your arrangement by pressing the "Unhide" button.

Can I get a refund if I delete my medals?
No, as everything is done manually, tracking refunds would be too time-consuming, so we won't refund any medal.

Can I gift my medals?
Only medals that were bought with Platinum Tokens can be gifted after they are redeemed. For that, you need to pm the Events Coordinator @Koya indicating the medal you want to gift and the name of the user you're gifting it to.
If you want to gift any other medal, you have to buy them in the Member Shop and use the "Buy and Store" button. Then go in the My Items page, click on the options of the medal you want to gift, and use the "Send To" button. 

If you have more questions about medals and how they work, do not hesitate to contact us via the Ask the Events Team thread.



To delete medals


Medals to delete:

To rearrange medals


Medals to rearrange:
Order or rearrangement (from left to right):


NOTICE: The requests are fulfilled by the Events Coordinator.
Please refrain from requesting too often and make good use of the "hide" button!
Also, please be patient with the requests as they are manually done for each medal.

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9 minutes ago, spopo said:

Username: Spopo
Medals to rearrange: Yuju locket, GFriend lightstick
Order or rearrangement (from left to right): GFriend lightstick, Yuju locket (would really like her at the top)


Thank you for doing this!

You're welcome~

To put the Yuju Locket at the top I had to re-award you your other medals, you can hide them now to only show the lightstick and the locket~

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20 hours ago, lusci said:

If we delete an item can we have a refund for it?

i mean the ones that are very pricy 🥺

I'am poor 🥺

And tx for doing this btw ♡

Hey, no there won't be refunds as it might be a hassle to do for users asking a lot of medals to be deleted and everything is done manually.

You're welcome ♡

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