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My unis reputation absolutely SUCK

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I quite like teaching style and my friends here but GOD

im coming here from a more prestigious uni so idk not to sound snob but as undergraduate jm already thinking of changing unis... Rip

What do you think? Should I? I mean uni has quite bad reputition and if possible when i do masters in future i would like it if a prestigious uni does not have bias towards me ._. i hope i was clear enough

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4 minutes ago, freya said:

At the end of the day, it is your faculty's reputation that matters more (when it comes to grad school) because it reflects on the education you have received.

I go to a regional uni, not prestigious but the arts faculty has hired some fantastic academics in the last decade and built a reputable faculty. Also where we lack in prestige, our uni/academics's teaching capabilities rank on the higher end in my state. It's why I chose to stay here.

Your university overall matters less than the reputation of your teachers and the people teaching you the skills you will need to market yourself with later on for masters.

But it worries me like T^T there is huge lack of security, and im in semester B therefore our classrooms are very small, we get to learn better

Im scared at second year I will struggle in full size lecture hall, thats what happened in prestigious uni one.


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1 minute ago, freya said:

lack of security is another thing altogether...do you feel unsafe? why? Is the uni not doing anything about it?

What do you mean by reputation here? Does bad mean that it is unsafe? Because that's different from it just being lesser than a prestigious one.


Also, full sized lecture halls have less interaction... that's the main difference. I have been in halls with 200-400 people and classes with 4-5 people, both are different learning systems that you get used to the more you do them. Don't be afraid of trying something new! I use dto be afraid of the smaller classes and thought I would never do well... they're my favorites now.

Small ones are my faves thats why im reluctant over big ones now T^T

Security... There is alot of fights in campus, luckily at other side mostly, but whole campus has like 10 security guards at total, luckily im not at first floor i would be having heart attack everyday. 

This uni... Has scandals every year it seems, last year we had stabbing case for example



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