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Introducing Dynamic Vision: Fandom Header

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Introducing the brand new Dynamic Vision: where fandoms are able to celebrate the very core of our forum, the artists, and showcase one chosen picture of your fandom’s pick to be shown on our OneHallyu header!


How do I see Dynamic Vision?
In the Menu above, click on Themes and choose "Dynamic Vision" or "Dynamic Night Vision". You can also find the option at the very bottom of the Forum page in the footer. Note: The Themes are unavailable until after Dynamic Vision Season I is complete.

How does the Header work?
You must submit a request for a header of your favorite artist before it is shown on our page. Once it has been updated, you will be able to see it with a random chance on every refresh and new page load.

How can I request for a Header?
We will be hosting Dynamic Vision Seasons where you get the chance to change your fandom's Header. You can read all the requirements in the Rules once the Season starts. Note that all headers will be reset after every new Season.

I want to change my fandom’s image. How do I request for a Header change?
You are able to change your artist’s image once every Season, so look out for it!

Will a dark version of the theme be available?
Dynamic Vision will be available in a regular (light) and Ultra Night version!


DynamicScreen03.png DynamicScreen02.png 

The first Dynamic Vision Season has begun! Visit the new subforum to learn how to participate!

Deadline: 11:59 PM KST, April 2nd, 2020

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excellent, time to nag my fellow buddies into participating 😍  gfx team outdid themselves this time >> 

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16 hours ago, beram said:

wait at this serve...but which fandom do I wanna pick hfjfsg

All of them

clapping applause GIF

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wow very cool, definitely can't wait to see one for IZ*ONE

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I want BT21 banner~ 🐌 

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