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Drama Drama Drama

Trainees groups what never debuted

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With case of historic SM Rookies Girls being cutted of final SMNGG I'm thinking in cases of trainees groups formed by companies and never debut. Some of these cases had predebut fans who the companies broke their hearts not debuting or changing plan.

If you know more cases add to the thread.

YG Pinkpunk

During 2012/13 YGE had the idea of combining teen crush with SNSD style so trainees like Jenny, Jisoo, Lalisa with Eunbi, Euna Kim were introduced with videos.

But YG gave more efforts to future boygroups (Winner and iKON) and the girls debuted in 2016 in final OT4 as Blackpink.


JYP thought in a teencrush inspired gg of 6 girls Jeongyeon, Jisoo (Jihyo), Nayeon, Lena, Cecilia and Minyoung. But Lena and Cecilia left project. Cecilia became successful it girl in China. The rest 6MIX came to survival Sixteen to compete with younger girls. Minyoung were cutted of final group called Twice.

YG Future2NE1

These poor girls had 10 years of training for not debuting.


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YG Silverboys

Waited a lot for YG Stans but not for YGE who not had pity for cutting a lot of long term trainees

Some of these boys debuted in other groups like CIX or AB6IX

The maknae line of Silver Boys are now part of YGNBG Treasure


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