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Fast And Furious 9 (F9) - TEASER #1

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That Story to me is more interesting than anything. I was a big fan of Tokyo Drift and loved Han and wished he came back, and they were talks of him getting justice, but how he's alive with no scars hmm. He probably jumped or crawled outta the Car before Shaw showed up at the last moment like only he could. So Han is back baby, and Dom has a Brother who wants him dead well that is going to be explained who's Parent had the affair. Plenty of nutty action coming off Hobbs and Shaw, two villains teaming up, all they needed to show us is Brian, but they might save that for a future Trailer. Mia is back so maybe Brian shows up in a End Credits Scene, just don't see Brian staying home to take care of his kid, for Mia to go on her own with her brother and gang.

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