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OH events discord.png

A new discord for the OH community has been created and everyone can join!

click here to join 2.png


what is the discord for.png

This is something we offering for everyone to talk with each other, and create a bigger sense of community plus to chat with each other.

Additionally, it will be an easy way to let everyone know new updates about OH Events.


what can we find there.png

You can find several channel which include:

- Events team games & Users games: 2 channels created to alert users when someone is hosting a game. There will be one channels for events team and one channel for users as well so they can promote their games ;

- General chat: a channel to just chat with other OH users ;

- Games chat: a chat to talk about anything related to games or events. If you need help hosting, advice, etc this is the place ;

- Monthly raffle tickets: a channel where users can easily check how many tickets they earned for the OH raffle ;

- Info, Rules & Report channels: these are channels  just so you can know the rules and all about the cord, also a place to report if anyone is misbehaving in the cord.

-Suggestions: Here you can suggest things to add to the cord



more things.png

For right now all you will find there is what we mentioned above but depending on how things advance things might be added to cord and more.

For the upcoming valentine event there will be a nice extra something for users that participate in the event which will be obtained there!


thank you.png

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