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event Suggest an Event & We will make it

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We want to hear back from the community and what event would you guys like to see be made. So we have this thread in order for you all to voice your opinion so we can take it into consideration


We cannot make them all but at least we will try to make one of the suggestions during the year, how will it be selected well it will depend on interest & if its doable.



In order to suggest fill out the form below

Username: - insert your username-

Name of Event: - insert a name this isnt needed but you can-

Idea: -describe your idea-



Now you can as mentioned suggest an idea, but that is not the only way

You can upvote any idea that you like, that will show us okay that idea is liked by a lot of the member of the community



As mentioned we at least will try and make one of the suggestions during this year

Which one we choose will depend in 2 factors:

1. The idea itself and how managable and realistic it is to make it

2. User interest. The ideas that garner the most votes are more likely to be made since it shows us that more people are interested in that



You will have the entire month of February

Jan 29th to February 28



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Username: - HRH Ayyu (i could not resist)

Name of Event: -Choose you own adventure/game (long event)

Idea: -

Its like a choose your own adventure book, but with sub sections as chapters.

everyone starts on the same level 

A thread with a story-(zombie/survival etc)

at the end the players have 2 options on what they do next regarding the story.

(e.g you arrive at the house, what do you do.1 )go through front door, 2) go through back door etc.)

each option is  a sub section is locked with a password.

inorder to get the password you must solve a puzzle.

puzzle A. gives the password choice 1 subsection 

puzzle B gives password to choice 2 sub section.

Each subsection the has 2 other sub section in them.

e.g choice 1 subsection has 2 subsub sections choices.

some subsub sections lead to dead end/ Game over.

There is only 2 real paths. 

1 good ending, 1 evil ending,

The real ending are 10 sub sections deep. With others  leading to dead ends in 1 or 3 subsub sections .

Drawing to make clear concept:



Its not all about speed since its very possible to hit dead ends, and then you would have to back track and solve the other puzzles to try finding each ending.





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