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Siobhan Halo

The best and brightest K-Pop beauty moments of 2019

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Glamour Magazine chooses the best and brightest K-Pop beauty moments of 2019

With a dusting glitter here and a rainbow dye job there, hair and makeup help transport K-pop stars, along with their fans, to the ornate worlds their songs create.

Sometimes, visually representing their earworms is as literal as Hwasa pinning back her hair with clips bedecked with the name of her single or The Boyz covering their faces with flowers for "Bloom Bloom."

Other times, beauty is a more nuanced part of K-pop concepts. See: Sana's melted cotton candy hair in Twice's "Feel Special" music video and the smeared lipstick on Jeonghan of Seventeen.


Sana's Melted Cotton Candy Hair and Makeup

Picking just one beauty moment from Twice's “Feel Special” music video proved to be difficult with all the glitter and coloured liner happening. Sana's wet pink hair, glossy skin, and shimmery lids stuck with me, though. The combination helped amplify the emotional, rainy day scene in a stunning way.


Soyeon's Blunt Bob

Bobs were major among girl group members. The bluntness of Soyeon's cut made her stand out the most to me, though. When it was revealed as a teasers for (G)I-DLE's “Uh-Oh” music video, my jaw may or may not have dropped. I interviewed her just a couple weeks earlier, and she was brunette with waist-length waves.

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I loved Sana's cotton candy hair. Her styling is on point this year and she's looked the best. Also her blonde hair was fantastic as well.

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