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announcement Events Team Recruitment: The Winter Wedding [NEW RECRUITS]

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1- wedding.png

! Ding-a-ling !

What is that we hear, oh yes those are the wedding bells because the Events Team is getting married once again to new recruits that come join the team.

As we want the relationship of the team and the new recruits to be long and fruitful it is right for us to follow wedding traditions


So in order to do that we need to get ....





An old face of our team as she was once part of it and is ready to comeback again. Not only did she want to comeback but also switch it up a bit by now joining our Graphics Division. Rei already proved to be a great host but now they are here to show everyone how their graphics slay as well and the first taste are the graphics for this thread. A fan of BTS, Choi Yena and Cho Seungyoun as well as an alpaca enthusiast. We hope you all can welcome back rei with a warm hug.






A new face to the team, Trashie is known as an active member of the gaming community as well as leading active OH threads like spamily and hosting quite a few games in order to provide fun for the forum. Ready to host even more she joins our team as a Game Host. A fan of x1, nct and wanna one, yes she likes them groups big. Trashie is ready to take on more and provide even more so we hope you all look forward to see her blossoming in our team.






A lot of you might be familiar with Bel as she is not only currently part of graphics team  but also of Awards Team. She is so good that we had to borrow her and let her join as a Game Host


A stan of Hwall may he re-debut one day, a twice fan as well as an active member of the gaming community, she is ready to provide more games and events for you all so we hope you all anticipate bel. the triple threat.



1 - wedding3.png

The Events Team

There is no better blue than the events team blue.


We hope you all wish this to be a long lasting union and that you can congratulate all of them

Thank you for your time

I now declare all 3 of you

Rookies officially joining the team


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katt, panda and I watching bella table hopping



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slay, welcome sweeties :lovestruck:

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grats trash, bel and rei ❤️❤️ great recruit

make OH great again TT and dont forget about me

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