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I found the holy grial of fake smiles

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So i'm not that nice irl, mostly because i have a dry personality, and it's hard for me to socialize since people hate/avoid resting bitch face people, BUT! today I decided to put in practice an exercize I learned in youtube facial yoga: I wiggled my ears back and locked them when they were high closer to my skull ( wich gave me a nice botox effect ), I widdened my eyes a lil and voila I look like i'm really happy lmao, the response was overwhelming, i can literally see people's faces relax when they see it, and they are 150% nicer in interaction; the downside it's that it's freaking hard trying manteining that posture on your face, and not all people have the genetics to wiggle their ears, I also found this wich is fascinating ( to me )

"Smile detectors

This close examination did reveal one potential utility for wiggling ears, which is that they may act as a very specific lie-detector. In the same way that a forced smile doesn’t use the same muscles as a real one, a real expression of joy will make your ears retract slightly. You can’t really fake that response, and so it may be a way to for psychologists to confirm when people are accurately expressing their happiness or not. It’s probably not enough to impress a cat or rabbit, but it’s more than we can say about your tail bone."

Source: Un-intelligent Design: No Purpose for Vestigial Ear-Wiggling Reflex by Stephanie Pappas, Live Science

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