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announcement Graphics Team is Recruiting - Deadline December 7th!

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Hello you beautiful plebes! The Graphics Team is looking for fresh blood!


As a part of the Graphics Team, you will be assigned different kinds of tasks and projects, from general graphics and banners to large scale event designs and themes! One of our biggest charge is managing themes and creating sub-themes for the holidays and special occasions. 

We take care of OneHallyu as a whole and assist every staff team when they need us.

As a member of the Graphics team, we expect you to have a good teamwork mindset, be creative and resourceful, share your ideas and feedback, and help your fellow teammates. Feedback is a vital element in our team. We help each other become better and create better works.


If chosen to be a part of the team, you will first undergo a one month trainee period, a formality during which we determine if you can manage various sorts of small tasks. If you pass the trainee period, you will be fully assimilated as a part of the team and get to take on bigger projects.

If you have any number of warning points, you are welcome to apply but your case will be investigated before we make a decision on a possible recruitment.

Please note, we use Discord as our primary means of communication. You must be able to use Discord if you wish to become a part of the team.


To apply, please prepare the following requirements:

  1. Portfolio or example of your design works
  2. Make one slider (595x350px) and one thread header (within 930px in width) with the following details:
    • Title: GFX Team Recruitment
    • Subtitle: Write a subtitle of your choice
    • Theme: No limitations, show off your creativity
    • Thread header can be matching or optionally a different design
  3. Filled in Application form
    • Username:
    • Age:
    • Country / Timezone:
    • Occupation:
    • How many hours a day do you spend on OH:
    • Portfolio link: (website, tumblr, imgur gallery etc.)
    • Slider link:
    • What softwares do you use:
    • Other skills: (coding, video editing, etc. optional)
    • Why do you want to join:
    • Previous experiences: (optional)  

Send your application to @craZy @Bel. and @sublime in one group PM with the subject line GFX Team Application.

If you previously applied but were not chosen, you are welcome to apply again!


Some clarification regarding the Graphics unit in the Press and Events team; those units are only obligated to their respective team's tasks. They are not expected to assist other teams. The main Graphics team not only answers to every team's needs, but to everything related to OneHallyu and its brand. All large scale projects go through us, whether it is for the forums, the blog, or associated social media accounts.

We suggest considering the Press and Events Teams' Graphic unit recruitment as well to decide what would be the best position for you.


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and so it begins



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love how its not even spelled right

Zee really wants everyone to know we are a bunch of clowns 😭

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If the banner shows the required level I might be qualified enough 402867832175460363.png?v=1

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I have a lot of skill in windows 2000 MS Paint!

can I apply!

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A beautiful banner and exactly my level. Going to apply. 

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cosmic sans. how dare you.

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graphic passion is my design


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Looking at the banner I realised I'll never be able to make anything more beautiful 

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