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Announcement Welcome back to OneHallyu!

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A few matters to address:

1. Please check your notification settings! There are some new options you might want to adjust.

2. If a thread is missing pages, a mere cache issue, just add a new post for the pages to reappear.

3. The Activity page on your profile, while it was functioning earlier, it seems to no longer load. We're working on that but in the meanwhile you can still view your Status Updates and all other activities by clicking 'See my activities.'

4. You'll notice internal links in posts have been broken. We're very sorry to say we won't be able to fix this. You will have to edit your content to fix these links. All external links are fine though.

5. As traffic pours in, there may be some lag as the server adjusts its performance but we've got ourselves a great new server so hopefully it won't be a huge issue.

6. Everyone's Tokens are preserved! You will hear further from the Events Team in regards to that soon.

7. If you come across any other bugs or issues, please report them to this thread.

8. Night Vision, Ultra Night Vision and a brand new Dynamic Vision are on their way!

Welcome home everyone!


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12 minutes ago, skywalker said:

thanks a lot for everything guys! welcome back!!

just a question, the pages take a while to load, will that be fixed?

We're experiencing a huge amount of traffic, so it's causing some lag. It may take a day or two to settle (I hope, lol.)

9 minutes ago, smile.again said:

I stumbled upon threads we can't reply to anymore? They say on the top:


This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies.

Will they be opened again, or are they archived permanently?

For example asking in regard to:


As the lesbian thread is still open...?

Please report any archived thread and an admin or moderator will unarchive it asap!

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13 minutes ago, smile.again said:

How should I report them though? Via DM...? I'm still browsing trying to get familiar with the new layout.

In the top right corner of a post, you will see a Report Post link. If you don't see it, move your mouse over the post content for it to appear. Report the first post of the thread and request for the thread to be unarchived in the message box~

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