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On 9/22/2019 at 6:13 AM, s4a said:

Not only does that decrease the size of the database (which was 43 freaking gigabytes at one point!!)

The forum software upgrade, alone, took about 7 weeks. A lot of the data conversion had to be done manually so, while the broken emojis and some of the other bugs are annoying, I consider the upgrade to be a success and I am glad that the site is back!!


A database of 43 Go, I'm D E A D!!!
Also 7 weeks for the forum software upgrade alone, damn fam. You all worked hard, thanks so much for this, it was 9000% worth the wait (even though I kept bothering my Awards Team fam about it and might have been annoying but I was missing OH a lot ok 😭).

Again, thank you to everybody involved in pulling this off, this is amazing work, y'all did good! I'm glad OH is back up and running, and I hope it'll keep running for a long long time!

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