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Take Over The Moon! The Official WayV (威神V) Thread

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200124 HENDERY Weibo Update

EPDMR1-U8AA2AJs?format=jpg&name=large EPDMR1-U0AACQLN?format=jpg&name=large EPDMR1-U4Ac5BsM?format=jpg&name=large

Happy new year. Went to make a wish alone. 

(T/N: The words on the third photo: 
Left - Hope WayV will become better and better ❤️
Right - WayV, go beyond the universe!)

Translated by highonmilktea - SM_NCT

Edited by Yellow Sprout

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200125 WayV_official Twitter Update


🎂Huang Xuxi Happy Birthday~🎁 


Translated by wayvpictures

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Video Translation

K: 鼠年大吉 (happy year of the rat)
Y: 扬扬得意 (wishing you delight, which contains his name!)
L: 笑笑嘻嘻(wishing you laughter, his nickname is also 黄嘻嘻 huang xixi) 
T: 十全十美 (perfect, 10 out of 10)
W: 心想事成 (may what your heart wishes come true, 事成 sounds like sicheng)
X: 好运来 (good fortune, sung from a common new year song)
H: 高高兴兴,顺顺利利,开开心心 (happy, successful, joyful!)
All: happy new year, wishing good fortune!!

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200125 XIAOJUN Weibo Update

Happy new year! Everyone, please take care of your health. It’s that same line again, if you guys get sick, I’ll be very upset. Wuhan fighting ✊🏻, China fighting ✊🏻🇨🇳!
Translated by lumarkbot - SM_NCT

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200126 WayZenNi Lysn Update

Good night ☺️ You have to be careful of your health
Translated by huangsichengs - SM_NCT

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kun said in the earlier afternoon lucas gave them a call, in the group chat he sent a video then when he opened the video , others didn’t answer, so it was just him, lucas, hendery and xiaojun, the four of them answered, all staying at home, lying on the bed, not sure what they were doing during the video call. kun said : “ look at us , all obediently listening , staying at home“ 



kun opened boxes which're filled with the letters fans wrote for him and he said "I'm not exaggerating, wayv read every fan letters" he's the best boy really ㅠㅠㅠ although he read them all, still keeps them at home



kun said that in the dorms they will read letters together , for example when he reads the letters it can help to develop a sense of motivation for himself , so in future everyone can write more , give them encouraging words , and when they see it they’ll be very happy , can be given during fansigns and all ... but at airports , must look out for the safety situations first



kun showed us xiao mi!!!! he got worried cause xiao mi was trembling since the heating doesnt reach the room he’s in when the door is closed



kun comes to chenle's house on the night of the 22nd and plays with chenle~



kun said he saw renle singing face to face and renjun did well with the harmonies!! kun said before coming home to china, he went to chenle's house and they played together at night, they also called renjun to come over but he is doing radio at that time



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xiaojun sang someone you loved again only this time he played the piano too



xiaojun was singing face to face and suddenly something came to his mind, so he started laughing. he said once in a fanmeeting ten-ge said 你是是一个人 (you're the only one) by mistake, while he was supposed to say " 你不是一个人" (you're not only)




xiaojun said he played this piece as the background music during his brother’s wedding



xiaojun singing honesty by pink sweat$



Xiaojun sticks all of the movie discs he watched since he was young on his wall for decoration but the horror one is beside his piano so everytime he played the piano he's scared and he wondered why he sticked it there then he said it's a fate that his room is green as well!



Xiaojun said he didn't bring his laptop/computer with him so he can't play games and he's bored... he said "don't go outside everyone! You're bored... and I'm bored... if I go on a live streaming you'll be less bored, right?"



he has this baby picture & fan slogans in his room



kun came to xiaojun's live and wrote a comment
kun: I was bored so yangyang told me to watch you singing


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200127 YANGYANG’s WayZenNi Lysn Update

“Rest in Peace 🙏

Kobe Bryant, you were my hero growing up... you inspired me in so many different ways and I will always look up to you. Thank you for everything that you brought to the world. Rest In Peace 🙏🙏



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Sudsapda Interview: วง WayV บอยแบนด์ดาวรุ่งจากจีน เก่ง น่ารัก พูดไทยชัดมาก



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