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Take Over The Moon! The Official WayV (威神V) Thread

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200116 浙江卫视漫游记’s Weibo update with LUCAS, YANGYANG & TEN 


200116 HENDERY Weibo Update


200116 WayZenNi Lysn Update

good weather

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200116 WayV_official Twitter Update

💚 #HappyWayVDay 💚

thank you WayZenNi for all love and support!
To celebrate WayV’s first anniversary, tomorrow at 12PM (CST) we will be having Happy WayV Day LIVE! 
WayZenNi can watch the live through YiZhiBo!
See you there~ we will be together forever💚 
-URL: http://weibo.com/WeiShenV

Translated by peachncity

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200117 KUN Weibo Update




💚Happy WayV Day💚
Happy first anniversary~~~ ٩(๑ᵒ̴̶̷͈᷄ᗨᵒ̴̶̷͈᷅)و 

Translated by weishenvupdate

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200117 浙江卫视漫游记 Weibo Update with TEN, LUCAS & YANGYANG



200117 秀网娱乐 Weibo Update with TEN, LUCAS & YANGYANG


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Q : which one member are you most grateful for? 
Ten picked winwin because he is Ten's happiness 



Ten : "our winwin" 
Kun : "why did you add "our" for winwin but you didn't say "our" when mentioning us?"  



One word for each member by ten : 
Hendery : funny 
Yangyang : a cute didi who gives him headaches 
Xiaojun : caring and considerate   
Kun : very logical 
Lucas : the energy 
Winwin : happiness



Lucas told us to not to worry abt his health bc he keeps getting better



Another day of ten teasing kun 
ten : "jiejie, you have to add more eyeshadow here~" 
kun : "NO!!! I DIDNT!!!"



H: it’s rare to have our 1 yr...
Y: rare? It’s once!
H: so it’s very rare! point is the 7 of us are tgt. there are ind schedules, not easy to all be tgt. let’s treasure it, we happen to be tgt for our 1 yr, so we have this live to chat with fans.



kun: eat slower, eat slower, no one is trying to steal it from you



q: the members who yangyang's thankful to
he couldn't decide first, so they asked him to choose only one. he chose kun bc he always takes care of them, then hugged hendery and xiaojun by saying "we're like bros, right" bc they debuted together



ten: I think when we have schedule in the future, makeup jiejies don't have to come. kun can help us
yangyang: when we go to the airport, let kun fly the plane and then drive us around
lucas: kun has various usefulness



Yangyang & Hendery is synchronized 



xiaojun suggesting to pop the balloons behind them and evil laughing, the other members supporting it then kun smacking xiaojun asking him to stop and they ended the live with a balloon pop and kun screaming


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200117 XIAOJUN’s Weibo update

“Thank you, there is still a long way to go.”



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200117 少年威计划 Weibo Update with WayV

"Wish the boys will rise in the wind and soar to 90,000 miles. 💚"



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200118 KUN IG Update

“@.jaychou Happy birthday 🎂 My idol, my youth”

Translated by katmintgi - SM_NCT

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