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Take Over The Moon! The Official WayV (威神V) Thread

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WAYV ORIGINAL CONTENT Rainbow V  [subbed] EP. 01 | EP. 02 | EP. 03 | EP. 04 | EP. 05 | EP. 06 | TEN x WINWIN Performance | KUN x XIAOJUN Performance | LUCAS x HENDERY x YANGYANG Performance

Wayv - the superior, amazing, iconic, beautiful, talented, visual, marvellous, fantastic, all round a++++ group

Label V tho

yangyang: hi my name is  Ten Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul and im from thailand hi guys, yeah today i open live to talk to you guys mh mh yeah my name is ten yeah i like the number ten yeah i know like yeah mh mh



yangyang: omg, our manager came. do you want to be here in livestream with us 
manager: of course no 
yangyang: it was a kidding 
ten: our manager is so handsome 
yangyang: right, our hyung is handsome but he has a girlfriend 
ten: what? what is that yangyang?



ten: I injured my ankle, I can dance so I only practice singing 
yangyang: actually, I don't want to say that but it's kinda good for you not to practice too much, you need to rest some



ten and yangyang were listening to obsession, they even translated some parts into chinese. but at the middle of it, someone called yangyang to dinner.... and his ringtone is 7 RINGS BY ARIANA


yangyang played tenyang's cover of senorita 



ten and yangyang changing red velvet’s song from “hey now we’ll be ok” to “hey wong yukhei” 



ten: i need to spend time with my baby yangyang  
yangyang: baby yan— im not a baby im 20 now 


yy: do you know bear grylls?
ten: yeah johnny told me to watch them



Ten: if I have a cat I’m going to name him yangyang 
Yangyang: you know if I have a *hesitates*.... son, I’m going to name him Eleven because he’s gonna dance better than you and he’s gonna sing better than you



Ten: Why are we talking about having a baby? We’re still so young 
Yangyang: anything could happen! Jkjk 
Ten: WHAT? Oh, Yangyang.. He’s crazy!

Ten: Have a good nights sleep. Sweet dreams! 
Yangyang: sweet dreams... you never say that to me 
Ten: Dude, I won’t say that to you


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191229 TEN IG Story



191229 WINWIN Weibo Update


191229 KUN Weibo Update



Thank you all for preparing this surprise for me~ That moment was really too beautiful! 💚 This draws a successful end to 2019... Let us meet in 2020 with a better image! 💚 I love you all!

Translated by: qianseos

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