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Take Over The Moon! The Official WayV (威神V) Thread

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191214 WayV_official Twitter Update

💚 Section#1_We Are Your Vision’ - in BANGKOK 2019.12.13 DAY1💚

#WayV #WeiShenV #威神V

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191215 WayV_official Twitter Update

💚Section#1_We Are Your Vision’ - in BANGKOK 2019.12.15 DAY2💚

#WayV #WeiShenV #威神V

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191215 KUN Weibo Update

💚Thanks to Thailand💚
💚Thanks to WayZenNi💚
💚Thanks to everyone who gave me love and support💚
💚深圳&首尔 见

#WayV #WeiShenV #威神V
#KUN #钱锟

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a fan asked lucas if they could do a fanmeeting in singapore and lucas mentioned singapore !!! hendery also asked their manager



Hendery and Lucas speaking Cantonese



Hendery and Lucas speaking English together 



hendery: do you know the reason? 
lucas: yeah, why?
hendery: because wayzenni make us hot



lucas complained about feeling fat and hendery assured him that he’s good lmao (the girlfriend/boyfriend roles have been reversed)
lucas: i really... got fat. oh my.
hendery: it’s okay, you have to be a little chubbier then you’ll look good~



lucas was just whining about gaining weight 1 minute ago but when the manager told them they arrived at the restaurant he lost his train of thought and immediately ended the live

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winwin appeared in ten’s live ~ ten and winwin are roomates



ten showed a picture of winwin at the rooftop



winwin said ten's mother gave each member bracelets that she made for them and ten was listening to him proudly



winwin: I ate so much
ten: what did you eat
winwin: sea food~ (in eng)
ten: okay, what's your favorite sea food
winwin: me?.... fishy *giggling in shyness*



winwin: you look like snow.... what was it (in kr)?
ten: snowman
winwin: snowboy?
ten: snowmaaannn~ snowboy no no

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kun:Yesterday at fanmeeeting, xiao jun's family and yangyang's family and ten's family all came, so I was very, very nervous



kun:We haven't been to ten's home yet.We've been so busy these two days. We all wanted to go to ten's home



kun: in the middle of kun's cloud theres the yangyang meme right? that night when i was editing, yangyang was beside me and i asked him to record a voiceover of him laughing so he went heheheheh



The night before last, wayv members Shared horror stories i
kun and manager is roommate this time,But manager didn't return to the room until early morning that day,so Kun was afraid all night bec of the curtains and blue walls of the room and the horror stories



kun:I didn't dare to take a bath alone after talking about the horror story that day So I called xiaojun and Lucas to my room. Let them stay with me until I wash my hair and I go to bed



The fans seemed to be joking with kun, telling him there was someone behind him. at this time the kiss stickers appeared,so Kun pointed to it and said, "look~she is with me,  I am not afraid"



I am not tired these days. I have lived a full life. This is the life we want,right?Want to see you on the stage more often


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191217 YANGYANG Weibo Update

Thank u Bangkok for the great memories🙏🙏🙏

#WayV #WeiShenV #威神V

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191217 WayV_official Twitter Update

💚‘Section#1_We Are Your Vision’ - in BANGKOK💚

#WAYVFanmeetingTour the Bangkok stop is successfully wrapped up! thank you WayZenNi for coming~
let’s meet each other at the next stop~

#WayV #WeiShenV #威神V

Translated by peachncity

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